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Singpu Township Office
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The Business and Functions of Xinpu Township Office
Civil Affairs Section Civil affairs business reinforce the organization of subbase, mediation service, Legal Affairs, Civil Defense affairs and Cemetery management, military service, land service, eeducational management, guidance service and culture service.
Finance Section Financial and public property service.
Construction Section Water Administration, urban planning, park and street lamp service, Industrial and Business Management, Weights and Measures management, market management, road, bridge and sewage & rain cloacae engineering.
Agriculture Section Agriculture management and guidance agriculture popularization, special local product popularization, agriculture aid, Agricultural tourism, forestry popularization and Slopeland Conservation and livestock product popularization.
Social Affiar Section Social relief low income family, disaster aid, pauper medical care and children welfare, social administration community development, physical disabilities welfare, social movement and comparatively well-off planning
Administration Office Administration, Gov’t Policies & Decrees, general affairs management, information management and research and planning services.
Personnel Office Personnel affairs services.
Comptroller Office Transact the budget business, promote the accounting business, transact the final accounting and the statistics business.
Political Ethics Office Organization administration, political ethics investigation, official secret and safety defense, democracy and law & discipline dissemination and the political ethics works in grass-root.
Cleaning Team Public sanitation, and environment protection business.
Library Opening administration of library and hobbledehoy amusement place.
Nursery Transact the community nursery.
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