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Singpu Township Office
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Massive transportation
There is not the railway passing Xinpu town in the massive transportation, so the passengers should take the train to Hsinchu railway station and then take the bus; the key road passenger transportation in Hsinpu area is Hsinchu Transportation Co., Ltd, and the passenger can take the Jhubei →Xinpu →Guansi line to Hsinpu at the Hsinchu station of Hsinchu Transportation Co., Ltd.
By Car
Sun Yat-Sen Freeway Yangmei IC to Line 1 of Taiwan →115 Highway to Xinpu;
Sun Yat-Sen Freeway Jhubei IC to Guangming 6th Road toward east →North Ziqiang Road →118 Highway to Xinpu;
2nd Freeway Guansi IC →Turn right to 118 Highway to Xinpu;
By Massive transportation

The passenger can take the bus or train to Hsinchu station and then take the Hsinchu Transportation to Xinpu.

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