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About Us

Introduction to Xinpu Town

With a former name of Baliguo, Xinpu was the commercial center in region of emperor Jiaqing of
Qing Dynasty, and its prosperity and flourish is nothing less than the Hsinchu city of old times.
The Xinpu nowadays is famous by the fragrance of dried persimmon, flavor of mung bean
noodles and beauty of ancestral temple, in which the most scaled Baozhong Gloriette
Yimin Festival in Taiwan in July of lunar calendar has great reputation. There are also
numerous family ancestral temples and ancient house groups preserved well and the
striving history of each family in its jurisdiction, which is worth exploring.
Each June or July is the pear festival, and each October is the dried persimmon
festival, you can take part in this fruit feast and enjoy yourself at the time, taste the
Xinpu fumed intestinses, have a bowl of delicate and Q mung bean noodles, and buy
a bottle of marmalade as the condiment, all these are the featured tasty foods of the
Hakka village. After eating your fill, you can have a walk toward the Zhaomen leisure agricultural zone
(Jiuqionghue and Jianzhuwo). The Zhaomen zone (Jiuqionghue and Jianzhuwo)
of this town is selected by Hsinchu county government, preliminarily
selected, checked in written and spot examined in the rechecking
by the Selection Committee of Council of Agriculture, and awarded as
the infinite village scenery award of 10 national classic farming and fishing
villages after the demonstration and tourism guide instruction by the community
and selection on the network. The health walk road, and the firefly, rhinoceros beetle, Zacco platypus and swallowtail ecological parks are all in the zone.

  • Xinpu Township Office
  • No.600, Tianxin Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County 305, Taiwan (R.O.C.)    Tel:886-3-5518101